The Green Party NI will:

  • Oppose cuts to frontline health services and increase investment in mental health services.
  • End academic selection and ensure that all children have access to integrated education.
  • Ensure a greater focus on tackling domestic and sexual violence and abuse in the justice system.
  • Commit to long-term strategic investment for artists and the arts sector.
  • Deliver a Northern Ireland Bill of Rights and continue to fight inequalities based on gender, sexuality, ethnicity and class.
  • Increase transparency around donations to political parties.
  • Introduce a properly calculated living wage, support the reintroduction of the Universal Credit uplift, and roll out a four-day week for public sector workers.
  • Invest in renewable electricity and ban all forms of fossil fuel extraction.
  • Introduce rent controls and strengthen renters’ rights against rogue landlords.
  • Expand public transport and invest in cycling infrastructure.
  • Establish an independent Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Move towards a more sustainable model of food production that gets the balance right between food, climate and nature.
  • Prohibit the hunting of wild mammals with dogs.