Malachai O'Hara

I joined the Green Party in 2014. I had been a long-term lgbtq and social justice activist and as the party had always led on these issues and of course the environment, it was natural that I was attracted to the party. My professional background was in youth and community work and I have direct experience of how inequality curtails soo many people’s lives. Only the Green Party authentically talked about these issues with positive, progressive and pragmatic policy solutions to inequality and environmental crises. After joining the Party, I re-established the North Belfast Greens and managed Clare Bailey’s successful Assembly election campaign in 2016. In North Belfast, we broke through electing a first Green Councillor from that part of the city to Belfast City Council in 2019. I am determined to bring through a new generation of activists that can offer uniquely Green solutions to the issues of the day both in Northern Ireland and the world.


Deputy leader

Lesley Veronica

Lesley has been active in local politics for many years, has been member of GPNI since 2016, served as Policy Officer and stood for the Council elections in 2019 and for the Assembly in 2022. She is also Vice-Chair of Paper Trail, a legacy archive charity. She has a lifelong commitment to public service and has been a local teacher for 32 years, teaching in a range of schools across all sections of the community. In 2017 she published a book on Northern Ireland Politics to support the A Level curriculum. Lesley served on the Forum of Victims and Survivors for four years. In this role she had the opportunity to contribute to advice given to the Executive Office on legacy matters. During her time on the Forum Lesley saw first-hand the benefits of having many different voices at the table especially those who are often not heard. She believes in the need for solid public services to provide a decent standard of living for all citizens and a political focus on the immediate issues facing people in their daily lives. She is dedicated to peace and to building a Northern Ireland which works for all.