Agriculture will be a major player in the transition to net-zero, and large- and small-scale farmers are part of the climate solution. Farming can simultaneously provide improved water and soil quality, flood mitigation and nature restoration, all while supporting a more productive and resilient food system. 

If we get the balance between food, climate and nature right, we can ensure that farming is environmentally and financially sustainable into the future.

It’s time to secure the future of farming and the environment so that future generations can survive and thrive.

The Green Party NI will:

  • Move towards a sustainable model of food production that protects the environment, improves animal welfare and puts more money in the pockets of farmers, ensuring that Just Transition principles are upheld.
  • Prioritise building resilient local food economies over export driven markets. Develop a strategy to phase out factory farming using an animal rights based approach.
  • Support farm payment criteria which incentivise small farmers, environmental protection, emission reductions, and animal welfare and rewards public goods such as rewilding and peatland restoration.
  • Encourage organic alternatives to minimise the use of harmful substances in the treatment of crops and animals by farmers and growers. Ensure that farmers seeking to transition to organic farming have adequate financial and advice-based support.
  • Encourage and support the farming industry to produce a wider range of food produce, to reduce travel costs and protect supply lines.
  • Promote the development of local supply polyculture, permaculture and community-controlled, nature-based, social farming models.
  • Ban the routine adding of antibiotics to animal feed.
  • Require supermarkets to offer surplus food to food banks and promote food waste reduction schemes such as ‘Too Good to Go’.