Northern Ireland’s arts sector is a vibrant scene but it has been neglected by the Executive for too long. Art has the ability to create spaces for all people to explore and engage with ideas new and old. This allows potential to foster a sense of understanding beyond individual boundaries.

Many of those working in the arts sector are freelancers or self-employed, and the pandemic has been a very difficult time for them. It’s time to invest in our arts sector and ensure that artists and creatives are given the support they need to thrive as they rebuild from the pandemic.

The Green Party NI will:

  • Embed the arts in all aspects of the Programme for Government.
  • Commit to multi-annual statutory support and long-term strategic investment for artists and the arts sector at both local and Executive level.
  • Develop ‘art contract clauses’ similar to ‘community benefit clauses’ for multi-million pound film and screen projects, to ensure that money and investment finds its way to the grassroots arts scene.
  • Contribute to the revival of town centres by repurposing commercial properties into low carbon art spaces such as studios, cinemas and venues.
  • Through investment and a targeted workforce development plan, ensure that we can create a thriving sector, particularly for young people in the performing arts and broader creative industries.
  • Support public ownership and regeneration of historical buildings, using them for arts, culture and tourism.
  • Ensure that artists are central to the global promotion of Northern Ireland.