The Green Party NI has led the way in campaigning against animal cruelty. Animals should be protected from maltreatment and abuse at the hands of humans. All animals must be treated humanely and with respect for their natural behaviours and needs.

The Green Party NI will:

  • Prohibit the hunting of wild mammals with dogs, prohibit trail hunting and terrier work and work to end all other bloodsports. We will ban the sale, possession and use of snares.
  • Extend the ban on live animal exports in Great Britain to Northern Ireland.
  • Introduce tighter regulations on animal transport, including a maximum limit of eight hours travelling before a mandatory rest of at least one hour.
  • Introduce mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses.
  • Increase welfare standards for farmed animals.
  • Introduce Lucy’s Law to Northern Ireland and update in line with the Justice for Reggie campaign.
  • Uphold the principles of the Welfare of Animals Act.
  • Prohibit the import and export of all fur.
  • Oppose any attempt to introduce a badger cull.