The Green Party NI has today (Wednesday 10 May) launched its local government manifesto, committing to "greener, cleaner, fairer" communities right across Northern Ireland.

The manifesto contains commitments around three key policy areas, specifically:

- Greener: Councils facilitating community owned green energy schemes to reduce crippling energy bills for households and assist the just transition to a low carbon economy.

- Cleaner: Councils getting back to doing the basics better around keeping streets and public realm clean and free from litter and graffiti and providing waste infrastructure with a net zero waste target. 

- Fairer: Councils paying all employees a living wage and to build a living wage into supply and procurement contracts to ensure that workers are remunerated in a way that meets their everyday needs.

Green Party NI leader Cllr Mal O'Hara is standing in his home constituency of Castle, North Belfast. Speaking at the manifesto launch, Mal said:

"I'm proud that the Green Party NI is standing more candidates than ever before for a local government election and also a slate of candidates which represents an even split between women and men. 

"Our vision for Northern Ireland is clear - greener, cleaner and fairer communities for all. People are facing into a number of crises without an Executive to provide leadership and support. Green Party policies can help to address these crises at a local government level, whether that be the climate crisis, the housing crisis or the cost of living crisis. 

"I believe that people across Northern Ireland are ready more more inclusive politics aimed at setting out sustainable solutions not creating continuing crisis.

"That's why I'm asking people to vote Green Party NI number 1 on Thursday 18 May."

Read the manifesto in full