The Green Party NI has responded to Ofcom’s decision not to uphold a complaint about the BBC’s coverage of the 2022 Assembly election.

Green Party NI Leader Clare Bailey said: "Broadcasters have a duty to remain impartial, especially during an election campaign. It’s unacceptable for the main alternative to the broken five-party Executive system to be passed over for coverage in favour of controversy and sensationalism.

"In no other democracy would the main opposition party be excluded from election debates and other election coverage.

"We're glad that following public pressure, the BBC reversed its decision to only grant the Green Party NI one Party Election Broadcast slot. But we’re disappointed that UTV has refused to do the same.

"Despite Ofcom's decision not to uphold our complaint relating to other election coverage by the BBC, the Green Party NI will continue to make our case for our positive and hopeful vision for Northern Ireland.

"It's time to move beyond the traditional politics of division, and to deliver for the people of Northern Ireland."