The Green Party NI has welcomed a European Parliament vote to ensure the continuous supply of medicines to Northern Ireland.

Clare Bailey, Leader of the Green Party NI, said: “I welcome the result of this vote, which demonstrates that improvements to the Protocol can be reached by negotiation, rather than by staging reckless political stunts. It’s clear that the DUP First Minister’s resignation has had no effect on the Protocol, but it has been destructive and destabilising for Northern Ireland.

“Politicians in Northern Ireland should support the negotiations to iron out technicalities with the Protocol. It’s time for politicians here to focus on the issues that matter, and make sure Stormont delivers.”

Green MEP Anna Cavazzini, Chair of the Internal Market Committee of the European Parliament, said: "The EU is showing remarkable flexibility on this issue. Supply difficulties are due to Brexit, but patients in Northern Ireland must not suffer from it.

"Cooperation, market surveillance, and high standards for the authorisation of medicines on both sides will help these new arrangements working smoothly.

“Medicines authorised in the UK and sold in Northern Ireland must stay in Northern Ireland, and not enter the rest of the EU internal market".


Above photograph: Anna Cavazzini MEP on a recent visit to Belfast with Clare Bailey and Cllr Mal O’Hara, Leader and Deputy Leader of the Green Party NI.