During a recent review of Bangor’s infrastructure, Green Party NI representatives Rachel Woods MLA and Cllr Stephen Dunlop cleaned the signage that welcomes residents and visitors to Bangor Aurora.

North Down MLA Rachel Woods said: “Bangor Aurora recently hosted a major swimming event and regularly welcomes Olympic participants from across the island. I am concerned that such signage does not present the best image, and a number of residents have expressed concern that our town centre infrastructure is damaged and unwelcoming. This is not a good first impression for visitors and tourists. I’m proud of the area I represent, and am always happy to help make a difference in our local community, but we need our public agencies to keep such signage clean and well maintained.”

Bangor Central Councillor Stephen Dunlop said: “If we want to encourage visitors to respect our town we must demonstrate that we respect it. We found the sign in a disgraceful state whilst viewing the town centre and it took just 10 minutes for Rachel and me to clean the sign this morning. I’m glad to have been able to take this simple step of community action, and I will be asking council officers to keep all council signage maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.”