Green Party NI leader Mal O'Hara has detailed the dystopia of Brexit, three years to the day since the UK exited the European Union. 

"The people of the UK were promised sunlit uplands, but the reality for most people, three years on since we left the EU, is a dark, dank dystopia. 

"Trade across the UK is down 15%, investment down 13%. Food inflation is soaring, fuel costs are unprecedented and tax revenue is down £40bn.

"The UK economy, the social fabric and our environmental protections have all been harmed as a result of the ill-concieved Brexit extremist agenda.

"Brexit has destablised Northern Ireland's political arrangements, even after the majority of people here voted to remain in the EU. The DUP pulled down our institutions decrying that they didn't get they Brexit they wanted, even though Brexit was never clearly defined. 

"All the while, our NHS is crumbling before our eyes and peoples lives are being destroyed by profit-price inflation, with corporations hiking prices, resulting in bigger profits for them and misery for the masses."

Mal O'Hara concluded:

"While it is too little too late, I am encouraged by the growing sense of Brexit regret. For the here and now, all Executive parties must return to government with a focus on helping people these tough times.

"It's the responsibility of the EU and the UK to solve any problems with the protocol, as international signatories to The Trade and Cooperation Agreement."