Green Party NI Cllr Stephen Dunlop has expressed "sadness" at news that funding for the school cycling proficiency scheme is to be axed.


The Department for Infrastructure has said that "budget constraints" mean that the scheme will come to an end.

Cllr Stephen Dunlop commented:

"The axing of funding for the school cycling proficiency scheme saddens me. Many of us have really fond memories of doing our  cycling proficiency when we were kids and really want our children and grand children to learn how to cycle in a safe way and experience the joy and freedom of cycling.

"The axing of this scheme disempowers children and robs them of cycling as an important component of a cleaner, greener future. Cycling is good for our physical health, it's good for our mental health and it should be encouraged and promoted across departments."

Cllr Stephen Dunlop concluded: "If there was a Minister for Infrastructure in place, this decision could be properly scrutinised and challenged. Unfortunately, the DUP Stormont boycott removes an opportunity for scrutiny and accountability and renders this funding withdrawal a fait accompli."