Cllr Flynn welcomes launch of the Belfast Tree Strategy

Reacting to the launch of the Belfast Tree Strategy today, Cllr Anthony Flynn said;

"I am delighted that Belfast has become the first council in Northern Ireland to publish an extensive plan for expanding tree cover in our city, which garnered a hugely positive response from residents through the public consultation process."

"Trees have an incredibly important role to play in enhancing urban biodiversity, improving air quality as well as positively contributing towards public health and helping us reach our climate targets. The Belfast Tree Strategy gives us a framework to work towards our goal of significantly expanding Tree cover across the city in an inclusive way through the tree equity mapping exercise."

"In order for this plan to be sustainable, Green Party Councillors will continue to advocate for adequate resources to be allocated towards this and other initiatives such as the one million trees programme and creating a biodiversity action plan. This is part of the Green Party's ambition for creating Greener, Cleaner, Fairer communities."