Green Party Councillor Barry McKee has urged anglers and members of the public to ensure fishing equipment is disposed of appropriately.

The Bangor West Councillor said: 

“While walking at Millisle recently, I came upon a member of the Ards & North Down Borough Council Parks team (James) making an attempt to free a young herring gull from a tangle of fishing line.

“Without a method to cut the bird free, a member of the public from a nearby house supplied a pair of scissors and I helped James to free the bird from the fishing line.

“Without the actions and initiative of James, the young gull would have perished. He went above and beyond to save an animal in need for which I commend him. This is a just one example of Council staff going out of their way to be helpful.

“Although this story has a happy ending, there is plenty of other wildlife that are not so lucky and have suffered the consequences of the careless actions of people leaving fishing equipment behind.

“That’s why I am urging people to dispose of fishing lines and other equipment in the proper way.”