Green Party NI Councillor Stephen Dunlop has thanked every single person who has volunteered their time to help people in our society.

The Bangor Central Councillor said, ‘Today marks the start of Volunteer Week which the annual celebration of those who contribute above and beyond. It goes without saying how important volunteers are for our society, especially during the pandemic, where communities relied on volunteers helping with deliveries, shopping, picking up prescriptions, talking to people and much more. It’s great to see so many people still contributing their time and energy to help.

“Volunteering is so rewarding, and I would encourage anyone with a few hours to spare to get involved. So many local organisation and charities rely on volunteers, and you can find more information online, or by speaking to Volunteer Now for example.

I thoroughly enjoy my time spent volunteering across a range of different organisations in North Down and beyond. I enjoyed my time with the YMCA during the early part of the pandemic response, delivering food around the Ards peninsula. Working with the Open House Festival as Chair of their Board of volunteers during the restoration of Bangor Court House has been extra special. As someone with a business background in property, I sit on the Board of the North Down Development Organisation which provides premises for start-up businesses and Newham Riding School which l helped set up when I worked in London’s Docklands some 20 years ago.”

“A big thank you and well done must be extended to everyone who gets involved. It gives the term society meaning when people give of themselves.”