Rachel Woods MLA has commented on the removal of trees and greenery on the Seahill Road, Holywood.

The Green Party NI MLA for North Down said: “After being contacted by residents, I have visited the Seahill Road, where trees have been removed. I agree with residents’ concerns about the long-term damage as a result of the work, and it’s clear that it should have been done differently.

“The Department for Infrastructure and the Road Service should be more considerate when conducting works like this, ensuring that local communities have a say and are given adequate notification.

“The Minister should ensure that there is adequate funding and resources to ensure that green spaces are regularly maintained, and that tree removal never happens without prior community consultation.

“We desperately need wider reform of Northern Ireland’s planning system to ensure that decisions are made democratically, with community involvement. It’s time for open and transparent government, where people have a real say in what happens to the natural and built environment in which they live.”