Reacting to the mini budget announced today (23rd September 2022) Green Party Councillor Rachel Woods has called the UK Government’s actions morally reprehensible.


The Holywood and Clandeboye representative has said, ‘This budget is a slap in the face to everyone who is struggling through the current cost of living crisis, as we head into another difficult winter.


“This could have been an opportunity for the government to assist families, to ensure that more children are not living in poverty, to help those on low incomes not able to make ends meet, to try and get people through the tough winter months ahead, to retrofit, to make sure that people are not heating the streets and heating their homes instead. It is anything but that and benefits the very few, benefitting the very richest in society.


“Energy costs are already unaffordable, food prices are rising, and people are getting more and more into debt. The announcement today that the Government is going to stand by allow this to continue is morally reprehensible.”