Ards & North Down Borough Council backs Green Party call for a Moratorium and legislative ban on onshore Petroleum exploration and production. 
At the March meeting of Ards & North Down's Community & Wellbeing Committee, members backed a proposal by Cllr Kendall that the Council's submission to a Department of the Economy consultation would demonstrate support for a Moratorium and legislative ban. 

Speaking on the night Cllr Kendall said "My thanks go to officers for bringing this report, and for their consultation response which clearly reiterate the message that this Council is aware of its responsibilities with regards to combatting the climate emergency, and for ensuring our natural world and resources are protected for future generations. 

Although our Borough is not an area, at this time, at risk of potential oil and gas exploration, like all other areas of Northern Ireland and beyond, it is an area at risk of climate catastrophe.  Further oil and gas exploration and production does not make sense economically, environmentally or socially.  We have seen how our communities have suffered as profits have risen in fossil fuel companies. We must spend our time, resources in investing in renewables, creating jobs, energy and environments for the future.

The first step is a moratorium, but we should accept nothing short of a legislative outright ban on the exploration and production of all forms of onshore oil and gas,  in Northern Ireland. The Executive has not delivered on this, despite all parties agreeing to a Green Party NI motion against exploration and the introduction of an urgent moratorium last mandate. We have seen no action on this since its return, and no introduction of legislation but simply a further consultation which is not good enough.

We all need to send a strong message to #FrackOff,  this is not just a closed door policy for fossil fuels, the door is firmly locked and bolted."