Green Party Councillor for Lisnasharragh 'Brian Smyth' has condemned today's announcement by the Prime Minister to allow 100 new oil and gas licenses for the North Sea.

Cllr Smyth stated 'All the big promises from the Tories on delivering Net Zero by 2050 are now in tatters'. UK oil and gas production is in long term decline and this will remain the case even with new licenses granted. It will also have no impact on lowering fuel bills for families in the midst of this cost of greed crisis. Who benefits from these new licenses, is it Conservative Party donors?

The UK needs to ramp up a renewable revolution and deliver long term energy security, deliver a new green economy with well paid jobs and apprenticeships, as well as lowering costs for the public.

Cllr Smyth concluded with, what we have today amounts to nothing more than a Prime Minister who is a climate coward, leading a discredited and toxic government.