Communities Minister decision more ideological than practical

Green Party Councillor Anthony Flynn has reacted to the decision by the Communities Minister, to force Councils to return to in-person meetings from 6th March.

Cllr Flynn said "This is an incredibly short-sighted move by the minister, which seems to be more ideological, rather than practical."

"The ability to attend Council meetings remotely ensures councils are more accessible to those with particular needs, including those with caring responsibilities or physical or mental needs. Employers are required under employment law to make reasonable adjustments to allow you to do your job, Councils should be no different and should instead be leading the way in accessibility."

"The Minister seems to forget that Councillors don't attend council meetings full time. We are often required to attend meetings at various times throughout the day, often during work hours, the ability to attend remotely increases accessibility whilst maintaining productivity at meetings. It wouldn't be a huge burden on the minister to simply extend the current regulations to allow for remote meetings, until his department has time to implement new regulations."

"The Green Party calls on the minister to reverse this short-sighted decision, and extend the current provisions for remote meetings."