Cllr Brian Smyth welcomes new QUB report on Overdose Prevention Sites

Green Party NI Councillor for Lisnasharragh in Belfast has welcomed the release of a new report by Queens academic, Dr Gillian W Shorter on Overdose Prevention Sites.
Brian said, "I welcome this report and it is clear that there is a huge amount of evidence that proves not only do Overdose Prevention Facilities save lives, but they also reduce pressure on health resources, emergency call outs etc. The report, published on the 11th January, found that drug overdose prevention centres could prevent thousands of deaths, reduce the spread of serious disease, improve communities, save taxpayer money and with no increase in drug-related crime.
As Greens we have long advocated the need to have such a facility in the City centre, where there are large numbers of vulnerable people who are injecting substances such as cocanie and heroin. In March last year, Belfast City Council supported a motion brought by our party leader Mal O’Hara and myself for the introduction of an Overdose Prevention facility. 
Current drug policy is failing and we need to stop moralising around drug use. Every drug death in this city is a preventable tragedy."