Alliance Party minister engaging in media slight of hand over XL bully ban

Green Party Cllr for Holywood and Clandeboye Lauren Kendall reacted to the news the Alliance Party DAERA minister has announced an effective ban on the XL bully breed.

Cllr Kendall said "The Alliance Party minister seems to be engaging in media slight of hand this afternoon, making an announcement about an effective ban on XL bullies whilst not wanting to say it out loud."

"An XL bully ban does nothing to address the wider problems with unregulated breeding in Northern Ireland, nor the cruel conditions whereby dogs are bred and sold for profit without a care for animal welfare."   

"The Dangerous Dogs Act has done nothing to reduce dog-related incidents and attacks, and I have serious concerns that this ill-thought-out proposal will only serve to put more pressure on stretched council resources and animal welfare charities, who are at breaking point."

"The Green Party is calling for an evidence-based approach to reducing dog attacks and better regulation of dog breeding, including clear measures to ensure the end of puppy farms." 

"Most dog owners in Northern Ireland are dog lovers, a revised Act which includes improved specific regulations on dog control, particularly in public spaces, and greater regulation of dog breeding establishments and sales, will not impact the majority of dog owners but would begin to tackle the problem at source."

"The minister is letting unscrupulous dog breeders off the hook, blaming puppies instead of profiteers, with his nonsensical campaign against the XL bully breed. More bans will not deliver the urgent change needed to animal welfare and breeding in Northern Ireland."