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Ukraine and Gaza are proof we need politics of non-violence more than ever

30 July 2014. This article was first published on Steven Agnew’s Belfast Telegraph Debate NI site on 23 July, but was written before the...
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Locals gather to protest at Bellcoo drilling site

Belcoo Fracking Timeline

23 July 2014. Tamboran may have moved their equipment into place at 5.00 in the morning on July 21, but their decision to start...
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Local residents protest against drilling at Bellcoo

Councillor Ross Brown condemns political failure to stop fracking in Fermanagh

22 July 2014 Green Party researcher and Councillor for East Belfast, Ross Brown, has today condemned the move by Tamboran Resources to prepare for...
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Back to the bread-line?

Time to act on the Welfare Reform Bill

12 July 2014 This being the Twelfth of July, it is not impossible that a few people awoke with headaches this morning. If so,...
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New Green Europe: the GEF Summer School in Belfast

3 July 2014.  No fewer than three Green Party NI figures gave talks at the Green European Foundation’s conference, or ‘Summer School’, in Belfast this...
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