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Some important controls could be taken away from you if new EU and US partnership is agreed

Corporations should be accountable to democratic governments rather than the other way round. Here we reprint Party Leader Steven Agnew’s Debate NI post on...
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racism is wrong

A Society of Equals: a response to the Racial Equality Strategy consultation document

The following is the text of the Green Party in Northern Ireland’s response to the consultation on the draft Racial Equality Strategy document published...
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Our destruction of nature is gathering pace

Everything Must Go (or everything must change)

Naomi Klein’s indispensable new book, This Changes Everything, shows that the climate crisis and the crisis of inequality spring from the same source. Here...
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Northern Ireland has role to play in tackling climate change

As one fracking license is withdrawn in Fermanagh, we reprint Steven Agnew’s Belfast Telegraph column calling for a green economy. Always wary of disappearing...
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Green Belfast City Councillor Hits Out At Mayoral Car Expense

Green Party Councillor Ross Brown says he believes the approved budget of £70,000 for the purchase of a new car for the Lord Mayor...
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