Terri Johnston

Terri Johnston is your Green Party NI candidate for the Airport DEA. Terri grew up in the Dublin Road area of Antrim and has lived in or near Airport DEA for most of her life.

Now medically retired, she devoted a working lifetime as a positive business culture specialist to promoting workplace equality, accessibility, family-friendly policies and fair pay.

She has a personal interest in health and mental health services including Autism, PTSD and crisis mental health provision, protecting local public green spaces, public transport and general wellbeing.

Terri’s priorities in this election include local rail services, cost of living support and opposing over-development near and on green spaces. Also supporting medical as well as leisure services accessibility for all to create a cleaner, greener and fairer local community.

She is an animal-lover (specifically a devoted dog parent!) with a passion for the local area, reading, films and family life.


Eleanor Bailey


Robert Robinson

Robert Robinson is your Green Party NI candidate for Ballyclare DEA of Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough council for May 18th’s Local Council Election.

Robert is a lifelong resident of Ballyclare where he set up a local Community Cinema and a number of Civic forum groups. Robert serves as a Primary School Board Governor and loves facilitating events in the Ballyclare area. He is a Director of a local Building services consultancy.

Speaking of his vision for Ballyclare, Robert said: “More people continue to choose to make Ballyclare their home, proving that it is a brilliant, diverse and welcoming community. If elected, I will work to make sure the town has the correct amenities and facilities to grow sustainably." "I want to see green corridors connecting the people of the town, improving accessibility and offering its residents a vibrant town centre experience and a #GreenerCleanerFairer place to live and work."

Glengormley Urban

Lesley Veronica


Ellie Byrne

I’m Ellie Byrne. I'm twenty years old and my pronouns are They/them. I’m the Green Party candidate for Macedon in May 18ths council election.

My local community is incredibly important to me and I have been volunteering in the area for many years.

Coming from a working class background, I know all too well the issues facing many in the community from the 'Cost of Greed Crisis,' and I'm confident that green policies can help combat climate breakdown in a way that can improve people's quality of life and well-being. My hope is that I can bring frreh energy, passion and perspective to Antrim & Newtownabbey Council with a focus on making it a Greener, Cleaner and Fairer borough for people to live and work.

Threemile Water

Dylan Loughlin

Dylan Loughlin is your Green Party NI Candidate for Threemilewater DEA of Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council for May 18th's Local Council Election.

Dylan is a life long resident of the area, growing up in Mossley, he is a graduate of Belfast High and Queens University, a local business owner and HR & Employment Law Professional.

Speaking of his vision for the area, Dylan said: "I am a passionate advocate for local businesses and our hard pressed workers. We have a diverse range of small businesses in Threemilewater and across the Borough, and I want to ensure they are supported to transition operations to more sustainable practices, helping them play a part in creating a #GreenerCleanerFairer place for people to live, work and do business."


Ards and North Down


Ards Peninsula

Gillian McNaull

Bangor Central

Stephen Dunlop

Bangor East & Donaghadee

Ciara Henry

Bangor West

Barry McKee


Cory Quinn

Holywood & Clandeboye

Rachel Woods


Maurice MaCartney

Maurice Macartney is Green Party NI candidate for Newtownards.

He has lived in the town for almost 20 years, and is committed to building a greener, cleaner, fairer future for everyone in the town.

For Maurice, this means bringing power back to our neighbourhoods – power in the form of clean electricity, community wealth, and democratic neighbourhood resources.

His calls for local council include improved public transport and cycling infrastructure, for a greener, cleaner, fairer neighbourhood. He considers the new transport hub and greenway projects as part of this, but in a sustainable way.

He would like to see much greater support for sustainable local businesses and cooperatives, to build a thriving, democratic local economy, and investment in democratic neighbourhood resources to build a vibrant and inclusive community.


Belfast City Council



Lauren Kendall

Black Mountain

Stevie Maginn

Stevie Maginn is your Green Party NI Candidate for the Blackmountain DEA of West Belfast. Stevie lived in Ballymurphy for most of his life and works locally in the Charity & Mental Health sector. He has been the Green Party Rep for the area for the past 6 years where he has been working on a range of initiatives to make it a Greener, Cleaner, Fairer place to live and work. During the first wave of the Pandemic, Stevie ran a "Foodbank from a distance Appeal" and then worked with other West Belfast Green Party members to set up a Soup Kitchen. Supported by Loaf Catering, the West Green Team made 1676 meals available and delivered them to the vulnerable/isolating.

Stevie is also passionate about improving road safety for all users, and has been lobbying the Department of Infrastructure to introduce traffic calming measures in areas such as the Upper Springfield, where his Freedom of Information Request uncovered 186 casualties over the past 10 years.

Stevie has the skills, ideas, energy and lived experience required to be Black Mountains first Green Councillor. He is passionate about tackling Climate Change in a way that can solve many of the issues which residents of West Belfast grapple with, such as fuel poverty, loneliness & isolation and mental ill health.


Aine Groogan


Mal O'Hara


Ash Jones


Sara Haller


Brian Smyth


Ange Cruz

Ange Cruz is your Green Party NI candidate for Oldpark.

Ange Cruz has a distinguished career in the charity sector, having worked with organisations that support children and adults with mental ill health and learning disabilities, both in Northern Ireland and internationally.

She has also been involved in key roles within various groups, including anti-austerity, anti- modern slavery and multicultural groups.

If elected in Oldpark, Ange's top priority will be to work with partners to increase the availability of good quality affordable housing. Additionally, she will continue the Green Party's efforts to collaborate with frontline service workers, council staff, and media outlets to address mental health and addiction issues.

With her wealth of experience and expertise, Ange is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of the people in Oldpark and Belfast more widely.


Anthony Flynn


Gillian Hamilton

Gillian Hamilton is your Green Party NI candidate for Titanic DEA. She has previously worked in the community sector in inner East Belfast for nearly 13 years and is passionate about making a difference and leading for all.

Gillian knows that in the Titanic area there are many fabulous community organisations doing wonderful work, however most are under resourced and sometimes undervalued.  She wants to work with local communities and community organisations to develop the relationships between council and those delivering on the ground for people even further supporting and advocating for them.

She wishes to work on a cleaner Belfast, and representing residents concerns and issues on recycling and waste, as well as on air quality, and increasing active travel opportunities and infrastructure.

Gillian is a passionate Green Party member and hopes that by working as a collective we can make our society fairer and more equal. Local government resources need to be used to assist those most vulnerable in our society, and in areas facing, greatest socio-economic challenges, and she is committed to working towards this at Belfast City Council.


Causeway Coast & Glens



Jen McCahon

Jen McCahon is your Green Party NI candidate for the Bann DEA. Jen is a pro choice activist on the North Coast and has a passion for ending violence towards women.

Some of the current issues facing the North Coast, that are important for her in the upcoming council election include fighting the impending closing of the maternity services.

She also wants to raise awareness and tackle the number of holiday homes which are having negative impacts on those trying to live and work in the local area. The rising costs and lack of housing meaning that people are having to move away.

She also wishes to improve the water quality in our beaches, and raising awareness of pollution in our waterways. Finally, Jen wants Council to tackle the lack of services for young people and families, as well as providing resources and support for teenagers, and change the conversation on ASB.


Mark Coulson


Lisburn & Castlereagh


Castlereagh East

Terry Winchcombe

Castlereagh South

Jacinta Hamley

Downshire West

Luke Robinson

Luke is your Green Party NI candidate for Downshire West DEA in Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council.

Luke has been a member of the Green Party since 1987. He moved to Northern Ireland in 2006 and lives in Hillsborough with his wife Julia and their son Sebastian. Luke works as a maths teacher and has written many of the standard text books for the Northern Ireland maths curriculum.

If you're ever in Hillsborough you may well see Luke running around the Forest Park with his springer spaniel Rocket.


Mid & East Antrim


Carrick Castle

Jenny Hutchinson

Jenny Hutchinson is your Green Party NI candidate for Carrick Castle DEA.

Jenny grew up in Carrickfergus and still lives locally. Jenny’s focus in this council election is on the regeneration and potential of Carrickfergus town centre, and the impact on communities.

Similar to so many urban locations within commuting distance of Belfast, Carrickfergus has been leaking local expenditure to a regenerated Belfast for many years. Combined with the dramatic increase in internet shopping, Carrickfergus’s town centre has suffered and needs a firm vision to regenerate its core. There is a quiet change coming from the Green movement, towards shopping local in a more sustainable manner. Small independent stores selling sustainable produce are slowly appearing in towns like Carrickfergus. They focus on quality produce with a human service. Good for the body and the mind. They are not large faceless corporations exporting locally generated salaries but locally owned and keeping salaries and profits local.

Jenny says, ‘Carrickfergus castle appears on so many attractive posters selling Northern Ireland but not enough people visit the town centre. We need to ensure there are reasons for them to cross the road that divides us and spend their money in our town centre. With more targeted marketing and support for town centre businesses, we could uplift the town’s personality, its brand, its identity. This would demand grass roots community action working with the business community. We need to stand out as a sustainable food producer, using what we need and reducing waste, we can explore opportunities for community energy production to reduce energy bills, community café’s to share conversation to combat the oncoming tide of loneliness and isolation, tool share clubs, fix-it workshops, skills share schemes.’

Carrickfergus is a beautiful place with beautiful people and its where Jennt calls home. Her vision for its future is a sustainable town with a big smile and a warm embrace for visitors and residents alike. A cleaner, greener fairer Carrickfergus.

Coast Road

Eddie Alcorn

Larne Lough

Philip Randle

Philip Randle is your Green Party NI candidate for Larne Lough DEA. Philp lives in Whitehead, and has been a Green Party activist since 2014.

He has stood in two general elections, one in England, one in East Antrim and has a passionate political interest in his local area, particularly on environmental protection, the promotion of public transport and education.

Philip is an active and keen supporter of the No Gas Caverns and No to Clogan Point campaigns and stands wholly against these projects, which will negatively impact climate and biodiversity, and spell disaster for the local and surrounding areas.


Newry, Mourne & Down



Hugh O'Reilly


Declan Walsh


Ali McColl

Slieve Croob

Séana Pitt

Slieve Gullion

Molly Ní Mhánais

The Mournes

Seán O'Baoill

Sean O’Baoill is your Green Party NI candidate for The Mournes DEA.

Sean is a mediator and conflict resolution trainer with over 35 years of experience in peacebuilding and community relations who currently sits on the Corrymeela council.

He is a musician, carpenter, poet and storyteller with two children and a lifelong interest in nonviolence and environmental activism. As a founding member of the Dolmens Climate Action Network he has organised a series of Free Repair Cafes in South Down.

He is a qualified youth worker, canoeing and rock climbing instructor and serves on the standing committee for Newcastle and Greenhill YMCA. He is a keen advocate of social justice and participatory democracy and has chaired local hustings for the last four elections.

Sean believes that the biggest challenge in the Newry Mourne and Down District is the hypocrisy and greenwashing of a council who have delivered little to nothing of their Climate Action Plan despite declaring a ‘Climate Emergency’ in October 2019. They are happy to use the names of local action groups like the Dolmens Climate Action Network and the Cabbage Patchers but do nothing to protect 200 year old oaks from being torn down in the middle of the night against local wishes.

Four years on they are content to squander £30 million of government funding on an unwanted and ill conceived gondola to a quarry that already has a road to it - and then throw a further £14 million of local rate payers money into the same vanity project, while local people are told that there is no money to reduce poverty, protect the environment, improve services or pay a decent wage to their own staff.