Why I became a Green Party NI member


Thinking of joining the Green Party NI?

Not what to expect or why others became members?

What can you gain throuh membership?

Let's hear from a few members to learn about what Green Party membership meant to them.

Aaron - North Down Green Party member

I joined because I am passionate about the environment. The Green Party is very passionate about environment and human rights. I also joined because Green Party is neither Unionist and Nationalist party. What I would like to achieve in the Green Party is that I would like to use my voice as a Learning Disability/Autism advocate to make life better for people who are in my situation as someone who is in the autism spectrum. 

Fun fact is that I met David Healy when I was a child when my school class got a group photo with him.

My favourite things about being a Green Party Member is the feeling of being a part of a friendly and warming community. Getting to meet like minded people who share common interests both inside and outside of the party which is important for friendships to form. Also canvassing is a great laugh!

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