Belfast, Lisburn and Castlereagh Council Team

Cllr Mal O'Hara

Malachai O’Hara is the Green Party Councillor for Castle, North Belfast. Malachai’s background is in community development and is a long standing LGBTQ activist.

Mal has been on the board of local suicide prevention charity Lighthouse since 2011.

Mal was born and brought up in North Belfast and still lives in the area with his husband Michael.

Malachai is a passionate advocate for communities that suffered the most during the conflict and who continue to face challenges, despite relative peace.

He stands against austerity and is working to create healthy, happy communities across North Belfast.

You can contact Mal on: / 07823 668807

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Cllr Brian Smyth

Brian Smyth is the Green Party councillor for Lisnaharragh DEA. Brian's background is in youth work and community development. 

Brian has been working on road safety measures across Lisnasharragh. He has prioritised promoting and protecting green spaces across the city since his election.

Brian is also passionate about protecting the rights of young people and enhancing the opportunities afforded to them. 

You can contact Brian on: / 07823 668431

Cllr Áine Groogan

Àine is the Green Party councillor for Botanic DEA. Àine previously worked for the Irish Embassy in Latvia and as a legal analyst before working for Clare Bailey MLA as Constituency Caseworker.

Áine is committed to human rights and equality issues. She has worked to promote the rights of residents of the Holylands in South Belfast in the face of rampant anti-social behaviour.

She is also progressing the regulation of the display of graphic anti-choice imagery in Belfast City Centre.

You can contact Aine on: / 07823 664 817

Cllr Anthony Flynn

Cllr Anthony Flynn is the Green Party Councillor for Ormiston DEA.

A political activist and equality campaigner, Anthony Flynn is fighting to bring political transparency and enivronmental isues to the fore at Belfast City Council.  



You can contact Anthony on: / 07823 668432


Cllr Simon Lee

Simon Lee is the Green Party Councillor for Castlereagh South. Simon is a teacher by profession who is passionate about education, particularly the integrated education sector.  

Simon aims to contribute to the development of a new kind of politics in Northern Ireland - one that moves beyond the tribalism and waste that has held our society back.

Locally, Simon has been involved in a grassroots community project to plant more trees across his local area.

Contact Simon: / 07826 944 870

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