Green Party LGBTQ campaigners

Green Party to demonstrate support for marriage equality

The Green Party will be out in force on Saturday, 13 June in support of civil marriage equality.

Speaking in advance of the demonstration, Clare Bailey, Deputy Leader of the Green Party, said

“Once again, people from across Northern Ireland will be marching to show their support for marriage equality.

“I want my LGBTQ friends, family and allies to have the same opportunity as I do – to get married.

“I believe that the premise of equality is wanting people to have the same opportunities as you.

“The recent historic, resounding Yes vote in the South affirmed that marriage equality is important. In communities all across the South, ordinary people, like you and me, came out in their droves to votes for equality.

“And yet in Northern Ireland, many people are denied the opportunity to show their love for each other by getting married.

“Northern Ireland is now lagging behind the rest of the UK and Ireland as the only area where marriage equality is not recognised”.

Clare Bailey added,

“This has to change. And it would be a straightforward process to do so. There is no need for a referendum in Northern Ireland. Rather, I urge the Stormont Executive to bring forward legislation to enable same-sex civil marriages.

“I encourage allies in other parties to ensure that the votes of their MLAs more accurately reflect the wishes of the people on this issue and that they follow the spirit of party policy. I urge the DUP, those supposed champions of ‘conscience’, to allow for conscience in these matters for their own members and to desist from abusing the petition of concern”.

Green Party MLA Steven Agnew also voiced his support for equal marriage, saying,

“The Green Party has led the way on the marriage debate in Northern Ireland.

“I brought the first marriage motion to the Assembly and was delighted that others joined us in supporting the motion to come to the floor in October 2012.

“The Green Party has been consistent and transparent in its approach to this marriage equality, taking our lead from LGBTQ groups and civic society as part of our commitment to grassroots democracy.

“Marriage equality is coming to Northern Ireland. I would prefer that it is enacted at Stormont rather than the courts once again having to step in where our executive has failed”.

For further information on the rally, visit Amnesty International’s website or the Facebook page


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