Green Party welcomes asylum seekers to Bangor

Eanáir 12, 2022 2 min read

Green Party welcomes asylum seekers to Bangor

Green Party NI representatives have welcomed the news that Bangor's Marine Court Hotel will be used as temporary accommodation for refugees seeking asylum. 

Green Party NI MLA for North Down Rachel Woods MLA said: “I welcome the news that the Marine Court Hotel will be used as accommodation for asylum seekers. It’s right that we do what we can to provide safety and housing to people and families who have fled war or persecution. I call on the Executive to work closely with the Home Office to ensure that the asylum seekers’ needs are met, and I hope that they are processed fairly and quickly, to allow them to more permanent accommodation. I am concerned about the spreading of divisive misinformation about asylum seekers on social media, but I am confident that the people of Bangor will reject these attempts by a small minority to sow division.”

Green Party NI Councillor for Bangor Central Stephen Dunlop said: “The news that the Marine Court Hotel was to temporarily close came as a bit of a shock, but given the challenge that covid has brought to all the hospitality sector, it shouldn’t really be too much of a surprise. The fact that it is now to give short term accommodation to families from Syria is good news for the owner and some staff who will be retained for the exercise. It must also be reassuring for those families who will have endured untold misery, having to uproot themselves from their homes leaving everything they possess.

I am confident that the residents of Bangor and the borough will welcome them and I would call upon all the relevant departments of government to make our visitors transition meaningful and targeted. As the facts become known I would also suggest that interested residents consider volunteering and if possible taking a family under their wing and to meet with them to share an insight into our superb borough introducing them to our public facilities, parks, walks and social infrastructure. This should be the end of their troubles and the start of a new positive adventure. They will need all the support we can give as a society and a borough.”


Media contact: Jack O'Dwyer-Henry (07504410770)

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