Woods calls for action on obscured A2 traffic lights

November 23, 2021 1 min read

Woods calls for action on obscured A2 traffic lights

Rachel Woods MLA has raised the need to remove the "cages" from road traffic lights on the A2, and all other roads, over concerns over road and driver safety.

The Green Party MLA for North Down said: "The new traffic light systems at the Craigdarragh Road in Helen's Bay is welcome, especially for those accessing the A2 from the Ballymoney Road.

"However, new lights have been installed with cages over the green light, meaning drivers cannot see if it is safe to go or hesitate when they are driving through. I drive on this road every day and I frequently struggle to see if it is safe, especially in the recent weeks with the reduction of light in the mornings and evenings.

"I have raised this with the local Department for Infrastructure Road offices as well as with the Minister for Infrastructure and I hope that no more traffic lights will be installed which are obscured, and that the issues in this area can be addressed in the interests of road and driver safety."


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