Tory troubles prosecution proposals another bitter blow for victims & survivors

May 07, 2021 2 min read

Tory troubles prosecution proposals another bitter blow for victims & survivors

Friday 07 May 2021



Rachel Woods MLA has commented on reports of pending UK Government legislation on Troubles-era prosecution, saying that the proposals will come as another bitter blow for many victims and survivors of troubles related incidents. 

Justice Committee member Rachel Woods MLA said:



“There is little detail on the proposed legislation, but this Tory government has a track record of tearing up previous agreements and not engaging on legacy matters, especially with victims and survivors.



“Proposals have the potential to inflict further damage and harm upon the victims and survivors who have suffered so much and received so little from a peace process that has been little more than a political process. 


Victims and survivors of our conflict have been failed miserably. The impact of that failure on wider society has been catastrophic and has a serious impact on our ability to thrive in the post conflict period. 


“That’s why the Green Party NI has made a long-standing call for an independent external process with an international dimension to deal with the legacy of our past.  


Post conflict transformation and truth recovery systems were instituted in South Africa, Kosovo and RwandaThe systems have made a positive contribution to peace building and cohesion.  


“It’s deeply saddening that the Northern Ireland peace process is held up as a beacon around the world and yet we continue to allow communities, families and individuals to be poisoned by the grief and pain of the legacy of the past. 


“This week has brought additional pain and grief for victims. Grief and pain inflicted by Tory government that has shown abject disinterest in genuine peace building across Northern Ireland and an inability to acknowledge their participatory role in the conflict that ripped through our communities.

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