Slow rate of greenhouse gas emission reduction branded "shameful"

June 15, 2021 2 min read

Slow rate of greenhouse gas emission reduction branded

Tuesday 16 June 2021

Green Party NI Leader Clare Bailey has commented on the latest statistcs from DAERA showing a mere 18% reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emmissions since 1990.

Clare Bailey MLA said:

“It’s shameful that Northern Ireland is failing to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions when we know that climate breakdown is the defining issue of our time.

“In fact, changes to how emissions are recorded means that we are performing worse than shown in previous reports, with a mere 18% reduction in emissions since 1990 compared to the UK average of 44%.

“We are falling behind Wales, Scotland and England when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There is a real risk of Northern Ireland becoming the dirty corner of the UK.

“Government policies since 1990 and right up to today have disregarded the climate emergency and failed to provide the policies to enable emission reductions.

“Northern Ireland has no climate specific legislation which makes the Climate Change Bill for Northern Ireland particularly important.

“The Bill, of which I am the lead sponsor, includes an ambitious but achievable target of net zero carbon by 2045.

“The AERA Committee is taking evidence on the Climate Bill at present and I would encourage people to participate in that process.”

Clare Bailey MLA continued:

“Our Environment Minister has rejected the creation of an Independent Environmental Protection Agency during this mandate, despite it being a NDNA commitment.

“The slow rate of emission reduction demonstrates the clear need for an independent body to drive forward environmental protections and improvements.

“The current system of governance and regulation is broken and Minister Poots can’t continue to allow Northern Ireland to become the dirty corner of the UK.

“Climate inaction is no longer an option. Northern Ireland must play our part in emission reductions rather than sticking our head in the sand and expecting other nations to take responsibility for our failure through their efforts.”


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