Right trees in the right places call from Clare Bailey MLA

April 14, 2021 1 min read

Right trees in the right places call from Clare Bailey MLA

Wednesday 14 April 2021

Green Party NI Leader Clare Bailey has responded to a new report from the Woodland Trust outlining a lack of resilient woodland across Northern Ireland.  
Clare Bailey MLA said: “Native trees provide a home for our birds and wildlife. Trees improve our air quality by absorbing carbon and producing oxygen. They reduce storm water run-off which may prevent flooding.
“Yet, Northern Ireland has the least amount of woodland in the European Union with just 8% cover. The EU recommends 16% cover.
“It’s vital that we plant the right trees in the right places. For example, planting trees on peat lands or marginal grasslands may have the damaging effect of drying out the soil, whereas peat in its natural state can act as a powerful carbon sink.  
“I hope the Minister pays careful consideration to this report and its findings. The thinking must go beyond simply providing farmers with grants to plant trees. This is about a DAERA having an ambition to create heathier, happier communities for all.”

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