Rachel Woods MLA wants to see more pupils enabled to walk or cycle to school

September 07, 2020 1 min read

Rachel Woods MLA wants to see more pupils enabled to walk or cycle to school

Monday 07 September 2020

Green Party MLA Rachel Woods has commented on the latest survey on how young people travel to and from school showing that the majority of pupils travel both ways by bus.

The North Down MLA said: "Travelling to and from school is a big part of the daily lives of our young people. For many, travelling by bus to and from school is the only option but there are still many pupils who are driven by private car. 

"We know that active travel like walking and cycling became more popular amongst young people during the lockdown. Active travel has proven health benefits and also improves mental health and well being. 

"I'd like to see a rise in the percentage of pupils who walk to and from school each day. The survey shows that there are many barriers to active travel including inclement weather, walking alone and living a distance from school. 

"However, as policymakers we must step up our efforts to make active travel safer and more accessible. The car is king on our roads and cyclists often feel unsafe on roads without cycle lanes or segregated infrastructure. Greenways are also a great way to travel by bike or walk but again we don't have enough of them, particularly outside of Belfast.

“Another great idea is School Streets projects, cycle buses as well as looking at Low Emission Zones to help with active travel.


"Building back better is about promoting sustainable travel and helping our young people to lead healthier, happier lives."


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