Rachel Woods: Concern is with victims in sexual offences "legislative error"

September 23, 2020 1 min read

Rachel Woods: Concern is with victims in sexual offences

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Green Party MLA and Justice Committee member, Rachel Woods has commented on the sex offence convictions "legislative error": 

"The immediate concern and thoughts are with the victims and survivors in light of this news.  

"I can only imagine the distress that this situation will give rise to.

"It is right that the PPS has brought in Victim Support NI and Nexus to offer support and assistance. 

"However, the potential for re-traumatisation is all too apparent and support systems must be comprehensive and long term. 

"The criminal justice system has had a long track record of failing victims of sexual crime.  

"The adverse experiences suffered by victims through the criminal justice system have been documented extensively. This situation will come as a further blow to trust in confidence in the system on the part of victims and indeed wider society.    

"The implementation of the Gillen Review recommendations must be prioritised by the Justice Department. The criminal justice system must start to deliver for victims of these horrific crimes. I will be raising this matter at the Justice Committee tomorrow."


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