Rachel Woods supports 'Second Hand September'

September 28, 2021 2 min read

Rachel Woods supports 'Second Hand September'

Green Party MLA for North Down, Rachel Woods is urging people to continue supporting ‘Second Hand September’ into the future.

Rachel Woods MLA said: “Fast fashion is a real concern both ethically and in terms of its impact on the environment. The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, and more than 60% of fabric fibres are synthetics derived from fossil fuels.

“I am also concerned that a lot of clothing is not standing the test of time and giving rise to a throwaway culture. There are also concerns about the conditions and treatment of workers who produce these items. ‘Second Hand September’ has put this into focus for many, but it should not last for just a month.

“We have fantastic charity and second hand shops in North Down, and we should support them, whilst being more mindful of what we buy and where we buy it from. Recently, Fiona and the team at Oxfam in Holywood organised a ‘Sustainability Stylish’ workshop alongside Mary McGuigan which I was pleased to attend and support. These types of initiatives are really positive and can challenge behaviour and perceptions of where we are getting our clothes from.”

Fiona Anderson, manager at Oxfam Holywood said: “We have had a fantastic #SecondHandSeptember at Holywood Oxfam and for the first year have noticed a sharp increase in the number of young people taking the Second Hand September pledge to only buy previously loved clothing for 30 days - or longer!

"When you buy or donate clothes to our shop, you give them a longer life helping to slow down the damage caused by fast fashion and protect our planet and its people. In addition to this, you are also reinvesting your money into vital work beating poverty worldwide. This supports people to speak out and stand up to the climate crisis, creating a fairer and greener future for everyone.

"We recently hosted a Sustainably Stylish Workshop at Holywood Oxfam in partnership with  Corporate & Creative Image to celebrate Second Hand September and launch our new Autumn Winter clothing collection of hand picked donations. Personal shopping and styling isn’t just for the rich and famous, we can all benefit from learning how to better utilise our existing wardrobe with accessories/tailoring, and buy timeless pieces sustainably that flatter our shape and colouring. Each attendee was able to have a one to one with Mary as well as enjoy nibbles from Joxer and a goodie bag with treats from local businesses Sistine Beauty, Edge Coffee, The Zip Yard, Holywood One Yoga, Taboo Donuts and Scarlet and Crimson.”

"Join the Second Hand September mission, take the pledge and help us help those most in need. We are also encouraging our customers and social media followers to share their #SecondHandSeptember purchases online and tag us, helping spread the word and inspiring others to do the same.”


[Pictured: Rachel Woods MLA, Fiona Anderson and Cllr Lauren Kendall]