Rachel Woods MLA condemns Newtownards bus hijacking

November 01, 2021 1 min read

Rachel Woods MLA condemns Newtownards bus hijacking


Rachel Woods, MLA for North Down, said: “The Green Party strongly condemns the violent scenes in Newtownards this morning, and urge those involved to stop and think about the damage that this is inflicting upon their own community.

“My thoughts are with the bus driver affected – it is completely unacceptable for any worker to be subjected to such an ordeal whilst doing their job.

“We call on all political leaders to show leadership, and dial down the rhetoric, so that the issues around the Protocol can be dealt with in a calm and peaceful manner by the EU and the UK government through the current negotiations.”

The Green Party MLA continued: “There can only be political solutions to these problems. There is never any justification for violence on our streets.

“To those involved in the negotiations, and those shouting the loudest from the sidelines, we say: Stop and think about the language you are using. Stop and think about what it means for peace and stability in this place. Stop and think, before anyone else tries to cause further disorder.”



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