Pride 2020 will be unrecognisable but it doesn’t have to be unremarkable

July 24, 2020 2 min read

Pride 2020 will be unrecognisable but it doesn’t have to be unremarkable

Friday 24 July 2020

Green Parry Deputy Leader Mal O’Hara has marked the beginning of Belfast Pride by encouraging people to celebrate safely. 

 Mal O’Hara said: “Pride 2020 will be unrecognisable but that doesn’t mean it has to be unremarkable. There are a series of online events planned and the Pride Parade will be virtual. 

“It’s important to recognise that for many people it’s unsafe or uncomfortable to celebrate Pride from home. Being out and proud is not an option for some - that’s an indictment on our society and our political system which has fallen behind on promoting queer equality. 

“Now that we have a returned Assembly, there is a huge body of work needed to progress queer equality and the Green Party will continue to hold the Executive parties to account on that work.”

Mal continued:

“Belfast will not be buzzing in the way that it usually is during Belfast Pride, but there will be lots of people who head out to venues to celebrate. 

“It’s really important that people support our hospitality workers and businesses as we attempt to build back better from Covid. Making a safe return to bars and restaurants which have treated their workers well is a part of that. 

“I hope that people enjoy Pride and stay safe, whether they go out or stay in this year. The theme for Belfast Pride is “Rainbow Heroes”. Many rainbow heroes are NHS workers who didn’t flinch in their public service at the height of the pandemic. They and all other frontline workers are our rainbow heroes this summer. 

“Saying thank you means recognising that this pandemic is not over and continuing to practice social distancing, hand hygiene, wearing a mask and following other public health advice.”


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