MLAs reject anti-choice DUP Bill

December 14, 2021 1 min read

MLAs reject anti-choice DUP Bill

Clare Bailey MLA has welcomed MLAs’ decision to vote down the Severe Fetal Impairment Abortion (Amendment) Bill at Consideration Stage in the NI Assembly today.

The Green Party NI Leader said: “This Bill sought to roll back on the hard-won rights of women in Northern Ireland. This Bill was not compliant with human rights. It was right for the Assembly to ‘Kill the Bill’.

“However, the NI Executive continues to fail in its duty to provide free, safe and legal reproductive healthcare for women in Northern Ireland. Over two years since the decriminalisation of abortion here, services have yet to be commissioned, after repeatedly being delayed by anti-choice parties in the Executive.

“Alongside the commissioning of abortion services, we need to protect people’s right to access reproductive healthcare, free from intimidation and harassment. I am hopeful that my Safe Access Zones Bill, which will ensure that this right is legally protected, will become law in the new year.”


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