Let’s build back better with a Northern Ireland Climate Change Act

July 21, 2020 2 min read

Let’s build back better with a Northern Ireland Climate Change Act


Monday 20 July 2020

Green Party NI Leader Clare Bailey MLA has called for a Climate Change Act for Northern Ireland to lay the foundations for a regenerative, low carbon economy and so that we build back better, leaving no-one behind. 

The NI Assembly will consider a motion tomorrow (Tuesday 21st July) calling for Northern Ireland to pass a Climate Change Act with legally binding climate targets.

Clare Bailey MLA said:

“The climate emergency is the defining challenge of our time. While we’re rightly focussed on tackling Covid-19 and dealing with the Brexit fall out, the impact of climate breakdown and the biodiversity crisis is set to eclipse any crisis we have experienced before. 

“A Climate Change Act for Northern Ireland is long overdue. Scotland and Wales have their own specific climate targets with both are set to meet and outperform these targets.

“In Northern Ireland, our emissions are not falling at anywhere near the same rate - in fact we have increased our share of total UK emissions in recent years. 

“The projected flooding levels across Belfast alone will present a risk to many homes while land erosion will transform farming and challenge our farmers like never before, particularly our smallholders. 

“The New Decade, New Approach agreement included commitments to introduce legislation and targets for reducing carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. There has been no progress made to date.  

“A Climate Change Act is a critical starting point as we deal with the global threat of climate breakdown on a local level across Northern Ireland.

“The world faces a health, economic and climate crisis. Northern Ireland has the potential to build back better and begin the shift to a just transition - this begins with a legally binding Climate Act.”


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