Green Party says goldmining concerns must not be ignored

October 27, 2021 1 min read

Green Party says goldmining concerns must not be ignored

Green Party West Tyrone representative Susan Glass has said the goldmining issue must not be ignored by Stormont, after a BBC Spotlight documentary highlighted campaign concerns.

Ms Glass said, “The Spotlight documentary has finally brought the arguments the Green Party and the campaign have been making for years to a wider audience. Dalradian’s proposed goldmine and processing plant are a grotesque imposition upon a rural community whish is united against any goldmining activity in the area.

“The Executive parties have spoken out of both sides of their mouths on the goldmine for electoral gain for several years now. The parties must now step up to represent the community by supporting the anti-mining campaign in the public inquiry announced by Minister Mallon, and leave any prior dalliances with mining companies behind them.

“It is a shame that years of lax environmental regulation and political expediency has allowed this company to gain the foothold it has in Co Tyrone. The evidence is now before everyone’s eyes that Dalradian’s plans are incompatible with the environmental sustainability of the Omagh area.”