Green Party MLA says academic selection has "had its day"

September 22, 2021 1 min read

Green Party MLA says academic selection has


Rachel Woods MLA has commented on reports today that grammar schools in Northern Ireland are set to run a single transfer test from November 2023.

The Green Party MLA for North Down said: “Navigating the unregulated transfer test system is often a stressful time for children and their families. The news that there will be fewer transfer tests from 2023 onwards is a step in the right direction.

 “However, it does not change the fact that all the evidence shows that academic selection entrenches inequality in our education system.

 “It’s clear that academic selection has had its day, with several grammar schools announcing earlier this year that they will scrap transfer tests for 2022 admissions.

 “It’s now time for the Education Minister to act and stop subjecting our children to the outdated and unfair transfer test.”


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