Green Councillors in call for recycling bins in Belfast’s parks

July 01, 2020 1 min read

Green Councillors in call for recycling bins in Belfast’s parks

Tuesday 30 July 2020

Green Party Councillors Aine Groogan and Brian Smyth will ask Belfast City Council to provide recycling bins in the city’s parks at a Council meeting later today. 

Councillor Aine Groogan, who represents Botanic, commented on her motion, as seconded by Green Party colleague Brian Smyth: 

“People have been using our parks and green spaces with great enthusiasm since the start of this pandemic. With that however, comes rubbish and waste and we’ve saw bins overflowing and rubbish stacked around the bins.

“Council staff do a brilliant job in keeping our parks and green spaces clean and safe, but their work is hampered by the limited provision of bins. 

“That’s why this Green Party motion calls on Belfast Council City to provide recycling bins throughout Council parks. It’s always preferable that people take their recycling home, but it can be difficult if people have kids with them or are travelling by bike. 

“The recycling rate across Northern Ireland has hit a

record high and there has been a sustained shift away from sending waste to landfill.”

Aine concluded:

“Council can do their bit to push that shift towards recycling in partnership with the public through the provision of recycling bins in our parks.”

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