Government Covid-19 income support schemes leave many gaps

March 26, 2020 1 min read

Government Covid-19 income support schemes leave many gaps

Thursday 26 March 2020

Green Party NI Leader Clare Bailey MLA has responded to the Chancellor’s announcement of a Covid-19 self-employed income support scheme. 

Clare Bailey MLA said: “This scheme may come as some relief for self-employed people but might not bring the good nights sleep that the First Minister said it would. 

“There are significant gaps in this package and the others announced in the last number of weeks by Rishi Sunak. 

“Significantly, measures for the self employed will leave people without an income until at least June when the scheme becomes operational. 

“The Chancellor has described the schemes as complex and significant effort will be required to give them effect. 

“Universal Basic Income remains the fairest way to get urgent financial support to people in this time of crisis. 

“It’s also guarantees equality, ensuring that no one falls between the cracks of Government proposals.

“I want to see us emerging from this crisis with a different perspective on how we organise ourselves as a society.

“I want Universal Basic Income to be the way forward, not just a sticking plaster at this point in time.”

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