Clare Bailey calls for NI specific Environment Bill

June 30, 2020 1 min read

Clare Bailey calls for NI specific Environment Bill

Tuesday 30 June 2020

Green Party Leader Clare Bailey MLA and party colleague Rachel Woods MLA have today voted against the Environment Bill Legislative Consent Motion (LCM). 

The motion was brought before the Assembly today by the DAERA Minister during the same period at which the Bill continues to proceed through Westminster where amendments can be made. 

Clare describes the LCM provisions as below par and not tailored to the environmental protections that we urgently need in Northern Ireland.

Clare Bailey MLA said: “Huge legislative gaps in environmental protections will open up once the UK leaves the European Union. 

“This Legislative Consent Motion is an ill conceived attempt to address these gaps. It is ill conceived because the Environment Bill hasn't been consulted upon in Northern Ireland. 

“It is ill conceived because it’s provisions don’t relate to the specific environmental circumstances that pertain here in Northern Ireland. 

“When it comes to our environment, we must not accept less protection, or risk the erosion of our current standards. We must demand better.

“There is an urgent need to enhance our environmental  protections. To improve air quality, to prevent fish kills in our rivers, to end ammonia pollution. 

“That’s why I’m rejecting this LCM and call for a Northern Ireland specific Environment Bill and immediate action on the creation of an Independent Environmental Protection Agency, as previously called for by this Assembly.”


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