Clare Bailey reacts to latest Covid-19 restriction announcement

December 17, 2020 2 min read

Clare Bailey reacts to latest Covid-19 restriction announcement

Thursday 17 December 2020

Commenting on the latest lockdown restrictions starting from Boxing Day, Green Party NI leader Clare Bailey MLA said:

"This lockdown will come as yet another blow for the many people who have struggled financially and emotionally during the course of this pandemic.

However, it is now necessary but only because our Executive has been incapable of managing the crisis.  

"The approach from the Executive thus far has been inconsistent and incoherent. There was no plan as we came out of the spring lockdown and so we find ourselves in a situation where the virus is again out of control and another lockdown necessary. 

"The five party Executive model hasn't been conducive to sound decision making. The competing priorities of each of the parties means that crisis management is beyond their capabilities.  

"This pandemic is far from over and still we are without a plan for what happens when this latest lockdown comes to an end. That’s why I'm calling for the immediate implementation of a Covid-19 taskforce. An expert led taskforce is the only option if we are to curb Covid-19 through effective decision-making processes and a coherent response. 

"We urgently need a Track, Trace and Isolate system with compensation to enable people to stay at home. We need to screen people at our ports and have clear understood regulations in place. 

"The Executive must protect those most vulnerable during this forthcoming period of lockdown. People who cannot afford to self-isolate, people who have missed out on any form of financial assistance for their business or enterprise.

“And not forgetting the lowest paid workers in our society who have been at the front line of this pandemic, working in care homes, food factories and on our hospital wards, to name just a few." 


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