Clare Bailey MLA - Decline in lake water quality an environmental travesty

August 27, 2020 1 min read

Clare Bailey MLA - Decline in lake water quality an environmental travesty


Clare Bailey MLA has commented on the serious decline in Northern Ireland's lake water quality:

"The significant decline of the quality of Northern Ireland's lake water is a damming indictment of our government's destructive approach to human health and environmental protection but not an unexpected one. 

"Government policy, particularly in relation to agriculture, environment and economy, has created a situation where our air, water, food and land are heavily poisoned.

"I'm particularly concerned that intensive farming practices are likely to have contributed to the decline of water quality, as evidenced in this report. There is a serious problem with ammonia pollution across Northern Ireland with 98 per cent of designated special areas of conservation exceeding critical levels of ammonia, in some cases by over 300% each year. 

"Ammonia pollution has a serious impact on human health and our natural environment. It is contributing to a biodiversity crisis in Northern Ireland and damages our cardiovascular and respiratory health systems causing several hundred early deaths every year.

"DAERA is overseeing a public health and environmental disaster, as evidenced by this report on our polluted lakes. As a member of the Stormont DAERA Committee, I'll be asking questions of the Minister and his officials around this environmental travesty."


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