Clare Bailey - Executive Ministers need to witness Holyland dereliction for themselves

September 16, 2020 2 min read

Clare Bailey - Executive Ministers need to witness Holyland dereliction for themselves

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Clare Bailey MLA has called on Executive Ministers including Justice Minister Naomi Long, First and deputy First Ministers, the Health Minister and the Chief Medical Officer to visit the Holyland area of South Belfast to see for themselves the unfolding Covid public health crisis. 

Clare Bailey, whose constituency office is in the Holyland area, said: "I'm calling on Executive Ministers to get down to the Holyland to see how the perpetual anti-social behaviour crisis that the residents endure year after year has developed into a wider Covid-19 public health crisis.

"The Holyland area has been left to wrack and ruin for many years. Government and statutory agencies have washed their hands of the Holyland and landlords have had free rein to extract as much profit as possible from the area through Homes in Multiple Occupancy while shouldering no responsibility for the resulting dereliction.          

"The crime rate is high in the Holyland and levels of anti-social behaviour are off the charts but go unaddressed. It is a dangerous place to live for families, young people and older people. This public health crisis and a lack of clarity around the Covid regulations has made it an even more dangerous place to live or spend time in. 

"I want the Executive decision makers and other multi-agency heads to come to the Holylands in the next few days to see and feel that danger for themselves. Maybe then these decision makers will be jolted into delivering a long over due multi-agency development plan to address years of dereliction in the Holyland."


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