Clare Bailey criticises Executive’s FICT inaction

December 02, 2021 1 min read

Clare Bailey criticises Executive’s FICT inaction

Clare Bailey MLA has called for the Executive parties to develop an implementation strategy for the Commission Flags, Identity, Culture and Traditions (FICT) report recommendations.

The Green Party NI Leader said: “It’s no surprise that a recent poll found that just 7% of people here think that the Executive functions effectively as a government – the public is fed up with deadlock and division. The FICT report saga is just the latest in a long line of examples of the five-party Executive’s failure to effectively govern Northern Ireland.

“£800,000 of public money has been spent on the FICT report, only for it to kept under wraps by the Executive Office for the last 17 months. I’m glad it has now finally been published, but disappointingly there’s no agreed plan to implement any of its recommendations. What’s the point in spending hundreds of thousands on a report if it’s not acted on?

“Whilst on the ground, grassroots leadership has made progress, the Executive parties have failed to provide meaningful political leadership on these issues. Contentious issues around flags, bonfires and cultural expression in Northern Ireland will continue to provoke divisive debate for as long as the Executive parties fail to agree on a way forward.

“The FICT report provides the framework for developing future legislation and policy around these issues. Executive ministers from all five parties should not disregard the FICT recommendations, and they owe it to the public to implement them.”


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