Broken PIP system needs addressed urgently

June 24, 2021 1 min read

Broken PIP system needs addressed urgently

Thursday 24 June 2021

Commenting on a report from the Northern Ireland Public Service Ombudsman on the PIP system, Green Party MLA Rachel Woods said: 

"The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) system is broken and not fit for purpose. Today's report by the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman is the latest to point to its failings, finding evidence systematic maladministration.

"I've helped far too many people who have faced degrading and humiliating questions, or had claims rejected unfairly - people let down by the system. The consequences of rejected claims and system failures can be devastating for people making claims.  
"The privatisation of the PIP process has been a disaster for so many people, on the evidence they are required to submit, on the form itself, on the support available and even on the data collected and published. Report after report has made this evident, yet there have been no substantive changes made, from the Radar Report to now.
"I have written to the Communities Minister about how and when the Department will respond to this report in a meaningful way. People must be treated with fairness, dignity and respect when making a social security claim. It's the least that anyone across our society can expect, particularly people living with illness and disability."



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