Will the DUP support marriage equality as part of a more ‘equal society’?

Green Party leader Steven Agnew MLA has hit out over the apparent lack of detail contained in the draft Programme for Government.

Steven Agnew MLA said,

“While I welcome an outcomes based approach what appears to be totally lacking is how we achieve these outcomes.

“Of course we all want a healthier, happier, better educated society. What politics is about is putting forward ideas as to how we get there. This is where parties are likely to disagree.

“It is clear than none of the detail has been worked out and the three-month consultation period is when the real decisions will likely be taken, but there is no indication that anything of substance has actually been agreed.

“This is disappointing.

“I would like to see a legislative timetable agreed by those parties that will make up the government. Currently the Programme for Government framework would allow for the same disagreement and delay that plagued the last Northern Ireland government.”

Speaking about some of the specific aspirations, Steven Agnew said,

“The current wish list reflects many of the pledges contained within the Green Party manifesto and so if this is what our Government aspires to then I expect any Assembly legislation or motions for debate put forward by Clare Bailey and myself to receive full support.

“For example, if we are to ‘have a more equal society’, then I hope that means that the DUP will support marriage equality.

“The Green New deal proposal which will create sustainable jobs, improve housing for all, and reduce fuel poverty and illness would contribute to a number of the proposed outcomes, not least ‘better jobs’ and ‘long, healthy and active lives’.”

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