Clare Bailey MLA

Clare Bailey MLA, South Belfast

Clare Bailey describes herself as an activist, a feminist and an environmentalist. She now adds, leader of the Green Party of Northern Ireland to the list. Clare was the driving force behind Green Party NI becoming a pro-choice party. Whilst individuals within the party had been pro-choice for some time, this was a brave step, marking the Green Party out as the only pro-choice party within the Northern Ireland Assembly.

She was born in Clonard on the lower Falls in 1970, and became part of the first intake of pupils at Lagan College, Northern Ireland’s first integrated school, in 1981. She has lived in South Belfast for most of her adult life.


Clare has a politics degree from Queen’s University Belfast and has worked for Nexus, the Northern Ireland charity which supports those who have experienced sexual abuse and violence. She has also volunteered for Marie Stopes.

She was elected to the Assembly in 2016 and held her South Belfast seat in the 2017 Assembly election.

In 2016 Clare proposed an amendment calling on the Northern Ireland Executive and the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) to improve rape prosecution and conviction rates and this received widespread cross-party support in the Assembly.

23She also successfully proposed an amendment calling on the Executive to ensure compliance with all minimum human rights standards and calling on all Government Departments and public bodies to introduce human rights action plans. She was also bringing forward a Private Members Bill to create buffer zones around Family Planning Clinics.

Clare was behind the decision to re-start the Green Party NI LGB&T group ‘Queer Greens’ in 2014, and actively campaigns on a range of equality issues.

Clare Bailey was chosen as leader of the Green Party in Northern Ireland in November 2018 after her nomination went unopposed.

Clare’s areas of interest

• Anti-austerity
• Decriminalisation of abortion
Domestic abuse
Human rights